Becoming Pollens

Media: powdered Flags (South Korea and North Korea)

Becoming Pollens is composed of the powdered flags of North and South Korea. The pile of powder has lost its original forms and meanings as flags. It fails to be symbolized and reveals the very substance. The powdered flags posit in the new symbolic meaning of the re-unification between two Koreas.
"Objects, ideologies, and sounds are freed of their origins and move around like epidemic, contagion, and the wind to become new other things. Unbuilding is the erosion of the boundary that can allow for a new emergent whole." - JaeWook Lee

Becoming Pollens
Media: powdered flags of the colors of eight national flags; Argentia, Chile, Czech, Korea(south), Lithuania, Poland, Uruguay, and the United States.
Size: approx. 30 x 10 x 0.1 feet