"Building/Unbuilding" examines the relationship between art, architecture, and the self/city; here the self is both singular/personal and an expanded consciousness shaped by a group, nation, and even beyond boundaries. Borrowing from Heidegger’s circular interrelation between ‘building’, ‘dwelling’, and ‘thinking’, new works by JaeWook Lee and Charlie Hahn interfere with the dualities of the verb , which also means ‘to dwell’ or construct the self/ city. “Building/Unbuilding” attempts to expand on these modernist dualities beyond their symbolic opposition, offering new perceptions and relationships between the personal and collective, the self and the city, the molar and the molecular. In Lee’s work, “Unbuilding” is a deconstructing the self/city in order to re-enter the self/city. It is a strategy without a strategy, a functionless function, a body without organs in which space is formlessness, fluid, and continuous. In Hahn’s work, building is constructing the self/city by grasping multiple perceptions and perspectives. It is both a projected reality that is bounded by vision, and an interstitial and organic experience that is particular and interactive. - Denise Carvalho (Curator, Mediation Biennial 2012)