Music Thinks Itself in Me

Performance @ HOTEL DE INMIGRANTES 04 - INSIGHT, the group exhibition at Museo de Bellas Artes Juan Manuel Blanes in Montevideo, Uruguay in 2014.


Music Thinks Itself in Me


The string quartet, a conductor; performance; duration 30 min.

String Quartet from Orquesta Da Capo Montevideo: 

Bruno Gonzalez(violin)

Erika Alonso(violin)

Rodrigo Añon(viola)

Ignacio Añon(violoncello)


In the entrance hall of the museum, the four musicians of a string quartet sit on chairs, while playing a piece of music together without the instruments; i.e., a cellist, a violist, and two violinists play the “air” instruments by remembering a piece of music in their mind; each musician uses the memory of the music to activate the action of playing the instrument, and the action retroactively helps to stimulate the auditory memory. The musicians are fragmented individuals, while they move towards a shared destiny through imagination.