Date: 12.18.2014 (Thurs) 7-9pm

Location: NURTUREart, Brooklyn


Core Participants:

Organizing Actant: Jaewook Lee
Proposing Actant: Sarah Demeuse
Commentary Actants: Sofía Hernández Chong Cuy, Thyrza Nichols Goodeve Lyricizing Actant: Ali Van
Assemblage Actant: Simone Couto

LunarmagmaoceanLove is a one night only event with a series of video screenings and discussions as a part of NURTUREart’s Videorover: Season 9 program. The title, LunarmagmaoceanLove, is coined by artist and poet Ali Van, looking at the Earth as an organ in which various elements interact through topological contact, contraction and sublimation — a dynamic orchestration of elements in a beautiful constant / irresistible state of flux. As the title implies, the event focuses on the idea of non-human agencies and interactions. We will watch a series of video works, listen to an audio ensign, interact with natural and artificial objects, and discuss the key concepts that are central to understanding what we think of the non-anthropocentric world. We will look at the book Vibrant Matter by Jane Bennett and the philosophical discourse called Speculative Realism for our theoretical impulse.

*All participants and audiences are encouraged to read the first chapter of Vibrant Matter, “The Force of Things,” before they come to the event.

*Actant is a term coined by Bruno Latour, referring to a person or a thing that is an autonomous force, unleashed in the world. An actant is not a substance or a form but an event.


Introduction by Jaewook Lee
Presentation 1 by Jaewook Lee
Presentation 2 by Sarah Demeuse
Ensign O ------ a by Ali Van
Commentary 1 by Sofía Hernández Chong Cuy Commentary 2 by Thyrza Nichols Goodeve *Notes on Companion Species

Participants’ video screenings Open Q&A

Supported by NURTUREart
Sponsored by Gaheon Sindoh Foundation