Less is Known on Earth

2015 - 2017
Media: objects made out of science books, geometric-shaped objects, rulers, scented plants, performance

Less is Known on Earth is an interdisciplinary installation project that explores the relationship between the Earth itself and the way that our mind projects meanings onto it. The project presents objects on Earth back in question, revealing their irreducible qualities beyond our comprehension. The premises are to think about the Earth as a living organism, and to grasp the earth’s perspective to look at the world. It broadens the subject of art more worldly, including the world of non-human beings.

The installation brings together objects made out of science books, natural objects, and a live performance that reflect the enigmatic qualities of things on Earth. The entire exhibition floor is lit by red and blue grow lights under which objects are dispersedly placed for the audience to wander around. People walk, see, smell, examine, and read as if they landed onto another planet where art and science, disorder and order, and chaos and reason intersect with each other.